Barbican Recruitment Privacy Policy

Barbican Recruitment is committed to complying with its obligations under the National Privacy Act as contained in the newly amended Privacy Legislation which came into effect on 12 March 2014.
This policy will explain how we will collect your personal information for our own use and on behalf of our staff who may access your personal information with regards to finding you employment opportunities.
How Barbican Recruitment collect your Personal Information
We only require personal information that is relevant to the job you are applying for or information that you would like us to use in finding you future employment opportunities. If you provide this information we understand you would like us to use it for this purpose. Any further information provided will not be used in our dealings with our clients on your behalf.
We may request personal details such as your name, address, telephone number or email address. If you choose to withhold requested personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the customer service you require should that depend on the collection of that information, particularly if the collection of that information is required by law.
Personal information will be collected from you directly when you submit an application and personal and sensitive information will also be collected when:
  • We receive a reference about you;
  • We receive results of enquiries that we might make of relevant professional associations;
  • We receive the results of any competency (or if applicable, medical) test;
  • We receive feedback on your performance (whether positive or negative);
  • We receive any complaint from or about you in the workplace;
  • We receive any information about a workplace accident in which you were, or are currently, involved;
  • We receive any information about any insurance investigation, litigation, registration or professional disciplinary matter, criminal matter, inquest or inquiry in which you were, or are currently, involved;
  • We verify your eligibility status to work in Australia;
  • You provide us with any additional information about yourself.

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information that we hold is protected against misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
How we will use your information
The personal information that we seek is generally used for the purpose of being of service to you. We do not use your personal information for any purpose other than for the purpose for which it was disclosed.
Your personal information is also collected to promote and market Barbican Recruitment services we offer and which we consider may be of interest to you. If you do not wish for us to contact you in relation to these services, please let us know.
Your personal and sensitive information may be used in connection with:
  • Your actual or possible placement in employment;
  • Your performance appraisals;
  • Our assessment of your ongoing performance and prospects;
  • Any test or assessment (including medical tests and assessments) that you might be required to undergo;
  • Our (or our client's) identification of your training needs;
  • Any workplace rehabilitation;
  • Our management of any complaint, investigation or inquiry in which you are involved;
  • Any insurance claim or proposal that requires disclosure of your personal or sensitive information.

How we will disclose your personal and sensitive information
We may disclose your personal information to our clients and to any service providers who provide services in connection with Barbican Recruitment. This information is only provided if helps us be of service to you. Your personal information may be disclosed to:
  • Our clients and your potential and actual employers;
  • Referees;
  • Our associated companies and subsidiaries;
  • Our insurers;
  • A professional association or registration body that has a proper interest in the disclosure of your personal and sensitive information;
  • Workers Compensation body;
  • Any person with a lawful entitlement to obtain the information.
We do not provide or sell your personal information to other organisations.

How we will store and secure your personal and sensitive information
Barbican Recruitment stores your personal and sensitive information in secure electronic databases. We use a number of appropriate security procedures and technology to protect the information provided by you. We also take measures to remove your personal information when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected.
Third Party Access
We use a third party - Jobadder ABN 90 375 665 944 - to operate, assist and maintain our recruitment management system. Jobadder will have access to your personal information as part of the services we provide to you. Jobadder's server is hosted through Rackspace in Sydney and they will maintain your privacy in accordance with their privacy statement which can be found through Jobadder Privacy Policy.
Probity Checks (Background Checks)
Your employment with our clients may be conditional upon passing a pre-employment probity check. This will include criminal history, employment & residential history and educational checks and could also include ASIC, Fraud or Bankruptcy checks.
This information is required to help us assess your suitability to the role that you have applied for. The existence of a prior criminal record, claim or judgement or other information will only be taken into account where relevant and will not necessarily make you ineligible for employment. Criminal records can be accessed by yourself or Succession Recruitment for a period of 90 days once the check is complete.
When signing the Barbican Recruitment Application Form, you acknowledge that any personal information provided by you throughout the recruitment process is correct and any criminal records are disclosed.
Further Information
You have rights to access your personal information held by us, to request us to correct the information, and to make a complaint to us about any breach of your privacy rights in relation to the information collected or held.
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, or feel that we have handled your information in a way that is inconsistent with this policy, please notify Barbican Recruitment on telephone: 02 8249 1994 or email: